Zambia: Chinese-led cybercrime network dismantled

Zambia: Chinese-led cybercrime network dismantled

Zambian authorities have dismantled a vast cybercriminal network led by Chinese nationals involved in sophisticated fraud targeting victims across the world.

A major cybercrime network run by Chinese nationals has been dismantled by Zambian authorities, after months of investigation. According to information gathered this Thursday, at least 77 people have been arrested over the past two months for their alleged involvement in this international scam, which targeted victims in Africa, Asia and South America.

The arrests took place following a raid by Zambian Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) agents on a Chinese company, Golden Top Support Services, located in Lusaka, the country's capital. Among those arrested were 22 Chinese nationals, who pleaded guilty when they appeared in a Lusaka court on Wednesday.

This network of cybercriminals allegedly carried out fraudulent operations targeting victims in countries as varied as Zambia, Peru, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. The methods used included computer misrepresentation, identity theft and illegal network exploitation. Authorities also seized more than 13,000 Sim cards, firearms and vehicles used in these illicit activities.

Zambia has recently seen a surge in cases of citizens losing money in complex money laundering operations. The DEC stressed that the accused will have to answer to several charges, in particular for false computer declarations and identity theft.