Dadju et Tayc dévoilent leur film Héritage

Unhappiness: Dadju and Tayc unveil their film “Héritage” (video)

The artists Dadju and Tayc created a real buzz on social networks by unveiling their latest project: a film entitled “Héritage”. Fans of both artists were initially perplexed by a possible feud between the two, but doubts were quickly put to rest when hints of a collaboration emerged.

In a joint post on social media, Dadju and Tayc officially announced the release of “Héritage”. This twenty-minute short film highlights the acting talents of the two artists. It should be remembered that Dadju had already distinguished himself in his own film entitled “Ima” the previous year, and his return in “Héritage” is already arousing public enthusiasm.

Fans will now have the opportunity to follow this film closely and share their thoughts on Dadju and Tayc’s performances. Expectations are high for this collaborative project, and fans seem eager to see how these two musical talents will shine on the big screen.

Acts 1: Discontent, 2: the film and 3: Makila Wablé were revealed on YouTube and Internet users can follow their favorite artists and actors from their positions.

YouTube video