Ursula von der Leyen, présidente de la Commission européenne

The European Union donates 150 million euros to Tunisia

The European Commission announced financial support of 150 million euros for Tunisia, as part of the program to support Tunisia's macro-economic reforms (PARME).

The European Union supports Tunisia in its quest for economic stability and inclusive growth. The European bloc announced a financial donation of 150 million euros for the Maghreb country.

This injection of funds, presented in the form of a donation, comes at an important time for the Tunisian economy, facing macroeconomic challenges and the need for structural reforms. Tunisia's macroeconomic reform support program aims to support the country in stabilizing its macroeconomic situation, improving public finance management, as well as creating a favorable business climate.

The disbursement of these funds will be closely linked to the progress made by Tunisia in implementing the agreed reforms. This approach demonstrates the mutual commitment between the EU and Tunisia, as highlighted by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission. It also constitutes an important step in the framework of the strategic and global partnership established between the two parties.

This partnership, signed in July 2023, covers several key areas, including macroeconomic stability, economy and trade, green energy transition, bringing people together, as well as migration and mobility. The objective is to strengthen ties between the EU and Tunisia, while promoting the economic and social development of the country.