Arielle The Bachelor

The Bachelor: Tension between Arielle and her father, the candidate apologizes

Arielle, a young Congolese and candidate for season 2 of the reality TV show “The Bachelor Afrique Francophone”, presented her public apologies after revealing the secrets of the show during a live on the social network Tiktok.

The first episode of season 2 of the reality TV show “The Bachelor”, broadcast on Canal + Pop, sparked controversy due to the participation of two Beninese sisters who wanted to conquer the heart of a man, as well as the controversy surrounding the elimination of Arielle, a Congolese candidate.

During a live on Tiktok, Arielle, boasting of being the only Tiktok participant to have joined the show “The Bachelor”revealed that the show was nothing more than a set-up, with the contestants paid to play an on-screen role, including arguments and tears.

Tension between Arielle and her father

According to the young Congolese, some candidates are kept until the end of the show because of their popularity to maintain the interest of viewers. And if that wasn’t enough, Arielle also claimed that Ivorian candidate Zeinab was the production’s favorite and that she was the one who won the show.

Arielle’s revelations sparked a strong reaction on social networks. While her statements made headlines, the young woman was visibly reprimanded by her father and apologized to the production team as well as to her father, who was shocked by her less than exemplary behavior.

“I would also like to apologize to the production of ‘The Bachelor’. They are very kind people who trusted me. Currently, they have to deal with this embarrassing situation that I created in order to gain visibility. I didn’t know how to control my words and I said things that are completely false. I am sincerely sorry, I acted without thinking, I don’t understand what pushed me”said Arielle.

The young woman also begged for forgiveness from her father. “I would like to sincerely apologize to my father as our relationship is strained at the moment. He was disappointed by my behavior, because it did not correspond to the education he gave me. I would like to offer him my sincere apologies. People sent him my videos and it saddened him deeply. I’m really sorry, that wasn’t my intention.”she added.