Terrorism: "The Beninese population is left to fend for itself, the State is absent", Martin Rodriguez

Terrorism: “The Beninese population is left to fend for itself, the State is absent”, Martin Rodriguez

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Businessman Martin Rodriguez, an opponent of the Cotonou regime, spoke about the security crisis raging in northern Benin. Received in the program “Questions d’actualité” of Be Africa, he believes that the Beninese population is left to fend for itself.

The fight against terrorism is not being done in Benin as it should be. This is the opinion of the businessman Martin Rodriguez on the question. According to him, the people of Benin seem to be on their own because the police seem to be more concerned with tracking down producers who sell their products in neighboring countries than concentrating on protecting the people. To believe Martin Rodriguez, we do not feel in Benin, anticipatory measures to protect populations against terrorists.

Concerning the military agreement that the Beninese State would have concluded with Rwanda, Martin Rodriguez wonders about the usefulness of this agreement. ” I don’t know if Rwanda has experience in the fight against jihadism. I do not know the content of this agreement so I am not well placed to talk about it. I only know that the people are on their own, the state is absent“, says the businessman.

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According to Martin Rodriguez, the jihadist fight is an asymmetrical fight where you don’t see the enemy coming. Sometimes, he specifies, the enemy is in society, in the village with internal accomplices. Faced with this form of struggle, he says, the Rwandan soldiers can do nothing about this struggle.

For Martin Rodriguez to fight against jihadism, you need internal harmony. It is necessary to associate the populations and to work to reduce the frustrations because it is the rank of the frustrated that the jihadists are recruited.

He concludes that the Rwandans can do nothing in this fight and their presence in the country is only a pretext. The businessman believes they are much more there to help the regime protect its power.

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