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Tenor: his almost fatal fall from a car in traffic upsets his fans (video)

A shocking video is currently shaking the web and making fans of Cameroonian rapper Tenor tremble. In the terrifying footage, the artist suffered a near-fatal fall while trying to get out of a moving vehicle.

What circumstances could have pushed the Cameroonian rapper Ténor to take the risk of falling from the top of a car in full traffic? Footage of the scene was widely shared on social media, showing the artist in a senseless, life-threatening maneuver.

The reactions of his admirers are multiple, oscillating between concern for his safety and disbelief at the reasons which could have pushed him to such behavior.

Some venture to point the finger at the constant pressure that weighs on the shoulders of celebrities, sometimes pushing them to inconsiderate acts to maintain their image or stay in the spotlight. Others seek to decipher the rapper’s state of mind during this fall, seeking to understand whether it was the result of an impulsive decision or a premeditated act.

In either case, this shocking video resonates as a warning to all Tenor fans who believe that fame can sometimes lead to extreme and dangerous behavior.

Since this terrible event, the rapper Tenor has not yet given any news. For their part, his fans have become aware of the insane risks that their limitless admiration for a celebrity can generate.

Tenor: his almost fatal fall from a car in traffic upsets his fans (video)