Booba vs Maître Gims

“I hope your careers are solid…”, Gims warns Booba artists

For several years, Gims and Booba have been engaged in a media clash which continues to get people talking. Recently, Gims decided to take the lead and go on the offensive.

For a long time, Gims remained indifferent to the provocations of the Duke of Boulogne. However, he has now decided to fight back and no longer let things happen in the shadows.

In a recent outing, Gims directly attacked Booba and his family. On social networks, he published a message addressed to artists signed to Booba’s label.

” Hey ! The artists signed with Winny I’m already warning you… I hope your careers are solid eh, I’m not going to joke with you wallah”, wrote Gims. This message clearly shows that Gims is determined to win this clash against the Duke of Boulogne.

Fans of both rappers are eager to see how this confrontation will evolve. Some believe this escalation could lead to musical score-settling, while others hope the two artists will find common ground.

Whatever the case, this rivalry between Gims and Booba continues to animate the French music scene and the media.