Chancel Mbemba

“Television cut the videos, but…”: after his altercation with Walid Regragui, Chancel Mbemba reacts

This Sunday, Morocco and the DRC faced each other during the second day of Group F of CAN 2023, finally separating in a draw (1-1). However, following the match, a violent altercation broke out between Walid Regragui and Chancel Mbemba at the end of the match.

Although the Moroccan coach calmed the situation during the press conference, the OM defender expressed rather vague remarks in the mixed zone. “I respect the coach, who is a man of great stature. The television cut the videos, but I have them. I don’t need to disclose them. I prefer to remain silent, it’s better, it’s my nature.

Everyone knows me, I respect everyone, I don’t need to smear anyone, but God’s justice is there. When I play football, I do it normally, I’m not a great player. The coach himself will say the word he said. He will speak for himself.”did he declare.

As a reminder, the Moroccan coach criticized the Congolese captain for not having exchanged greetings at the end of the match. The Moroccan coach expressed his dissatisfaction by making a strong appeal to him, telling him: “Look at me, look at me!” », as reported by Onze Mondial. Subsequently, the protagonists raised spirits not only on the pitch, but also in the corridor leading to the locker rooms.