Le chanteur Happy d’Efoulan accro à la drogue

Happy by Efoulan addicted to drugs: weakened and uncontrollable, the singer urgently hospitalized

In a press release made public, the family of Cameroonian singer Happy d’Efoulan clarified their situation after the broadcast of an alarming video.

The family of singer Happy d’Efoulan has expressed their dissatisfaction with the broadcast of a video showing the young artist visibly weakened, sitting in a scrub with a bottle of beer in front of him. This video, widely shared on social networks, sparked speculation and controversial reactions to the singer’s current situation.

According to several allegations, the singer is going through difficult times, in particular due to an alleged addiction to narcotics. This situation would even have led to the loss of confidence of his producer and his separation from the latter.

But his parents responded to the rumors in a statement without denying the rumors of his addition to drugs. “His situation is under control, the family being determined, with the help of doctors, to get him out of his addiction to psychotropic products”indicates the press release.

The family denounces that lawless individuals are taking advantage of this situation to turn it into a business. Note that people of goodwill have expressed their intention to launch a fundraiser in the name of Happy d’Efoulan to help him.