A$AP Rocky: "I refused to put Fally Ipupa in contact with Rihanna because he is not respectful"

Rihanna: accused of having disrespected her spouse, Fally Ipupa finally breaks the silence

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Following the recent media outing in which Asap Rocky accuses him of disrespecting him, the famous Congolese singer Fally Ipupa has finally broken his silence to restore the truth.

In a statement relayed by many Congolese media, A$AP Rocky revealed that he had refused to facilitate contact between Fally Ipupa and Rihanna. The rapper explained that he was not his wife’s manager and expressed his displeasure with Fally Ipupa for using a colloquial and irreverent tone by calling him “My bro” rather than “sir”. According to A$AP Rocky, Fally Ipupa should show respect if he wants to gain visibility through collaboration with influential figures.

Relayed by several Congolese media, this sequence of the exit of the father of Rihanna’s children sparked a passionate debate among Internet users. As the case continues to snowball, Dicap the wonder has chosen to break the silence by responding with subtlety on the Chinese social network, TikTok.

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In a comment posted under a video addressing the controversy, El Professor confirmed that he never approached A$AP Rocky about a collaboration with Rihanna. With a touch of irony, Fally Ipupa replied: ” Ah good ? It was little Fally (who contacted him) then. This is not the Fally Ipupa “. This skillful answer seems to end the controversy and clarify misunderstandings.

This clarification by Fally Ipupa suggests that his dream of collaborating with superstar Rihanna could still materialize in the near future.