DRC: at odds with his father Koffi Olomide, Didistone makes a big announcement

“None of them can dare…”, Didistone challenges his father Olomide’s collaborators

In response to the strong criticism sparked by her recent damning revelations against her father, Didistone decided to speak out again to provide clarification. The model sent a message to everyone who called her rude due to the tensions between her and her father.

It’s no longer the honeymoon between Didistone Nike and her father Koffi Olimide. The daughter of the famous Congolese star has been at odds with her father since the latter’s separation from her mother, Aliane. The young girl accuses her father of infidelity and never misses the opportunity to attack him on social networks.

Recently, Didistone hit the nail on the head by revealing that the “Grand Mopao,” had started a romantic relationship with his artistic director, Cyndi Le Cœur, while he was still married to his mother. These revelations had the effect of a glittering earthquake on the web and sparked numerous reactions.

Faced with criticism from those close to her father, particularly members of his team, the model returned to the charge this Friday to respond to her detractors. In a long message on her Instagram, she openly challenged all of her father’s collaborators who treat her as rude, inviting them to contradict her revelations.

What I find particularly interesting about all this chaos is that the elders all call me rude and constantly curse me, but almost none of them dare to question my word. I know, they know and we all know“, she wrote on Instagram.

Finally, Didistone added that everyone close to his father is aware of all the controversial actions of the famous “Grand Mopao,” including his tumultuous relationships with his wife as well as his former dancers.