Hard blow for Nathalie Koah: The influencer evokes the death of her child

Nathalie Koah reveals a photo of her baby for the first time

Nathalie Koah reveals a photo of her baby for the first time, arousing the astonishment of Internet users.

Nathalie Koah, known for her controversial love affair with footballer Samuel Eto’o, recently shared news that surprised her followers on social networks. For the first time, she revealed a photo of her adorable baby, arousing the astonishment and emotion of Internet users.

After being the center of attention due to her postpartum depression, Nathalie was both criticized and supported by different people on the Internet. This difficult period led her to take a step back and withdraw from social media during her pregnancy. At the time, she explained that the negative comments had a considerable impact on her fragile health as a pregnant woman.

Despite accusations that she was using her depression as a strategy to return to social networks, Nathalie wanted to share a precious moment of her life with her followers. On Instagram, she published a photo of her baby, while carefully hiding her face. The words accompanying this sweet image evoke the unconditional love she feels for her child and how quickly time flies.

This gesture by Nathalie Koah sparked numerous reactions among her subscribers. Some expressed astonishment at the surprise of discovering this beautiful baby, while others were keen to express their support and admiration for his resilience and determination to care for his family.

This new photo therefore marks a turning point in the life of Nathalie Koah, who seems to have come back stronger than ever. Despite the trials she has gone through, she remains determined to continue her personal activities and to give the best for her family.