Koffi Olomidé © Jonathan Kimya

Koffi Olomidé secretive? The singer reveals his other boy kept in the shadows

Congolese singer Koffi Olomidé has revealed that he has another son, born from a previous relationship. The revelation was made on Monday November 27, 2023, the young boy’s birthday.

After celebrating the birthday of his son Derpirlo, Koffi Olomidé decided to lift the veil on another of his children, who was kept secret for many years. Manolo Olomidé, who has remained discreet until now, was presented to the public through an Instagram post by the famous singer.

The king of Congolese rumba decided that it was time to make his son’s existence public. This is why, on November 27, 2023, Koffi Olomidé wished Manolo a happy birthday and officially welcomed him into his family. According to sources reported by AbidjanShow, Manolo was born from a past relationship with a certain Régine.

This sudden revelation of the paternity of Koffi Olomidé raises questions among certain Internet users. Some question the motivations behind this decision, suggesting that Manolo could be used to repair bonds lost over time. The reactions are varied, with some expressing support while others expressing doubts about the intentions of the famous Congolese singer.