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Kenya: after winning 26 cases, a “fake lawyer” is arrested by the authorities

In Kenya, an individual posing as a lawyer was arrested after winning several cases without his professionalism raising any doubts among judges.

Kenyan justice has been shaken since Thursday by an exceptional case. Brian Mwenda has been arrested by the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) for illegally practicing law. According to a report by Facts East Africa, Mwenda has successfully represented clients in 26 cases before magistrates and judges of the Court of Appeal of Kenya, achieving victory in all of them.

Brian Mwenda’s arrest was made on Thursday by the Rapid Action Team (RAT) of the Nairobi branch of the Law Society of Kenya (LSK), following complaints from the public. The LSK after searching its records realized that Mwenda is neither a lawyer nor a member of the LSK Nairobi Branch, and he does not have a license to practice law in Kenya.

It was brought to the attention of the LSK Nairobi branch through the Rapid Action Team (RAT), that the man presented himself and behaved as a lawyer to the High Court of Kenya“, we can read in a post on the social network X of the Nairobi branch.

The man is currently detained at RAT headquarters pending further investigation into the matter.