CDM 2023 (F): Zambia exits through the front door, Japan humiliates Spain

Friendly (F): Zambia showers Morocco in Casablanca

The women’s teams of Zambia and Morocco faced each other Friday evening in Casablanca in a friendly match. And at the end, the Copper Queens won with a score of 2-0.

Both exempt from the first round of the 2024 women’s CAN qualifiers which are in full swing in Africa, Zambia and Morocco met Friday evening in Casablanca for a gala shock. A duel of titans between the Lionesses of the Atlas, African vice-champions and eighth finalists at the World Cup in the category, and the Copper Queens, who came third at the last African Cup. And at the final whistle, it is the Zambians who leave the pitch with victory.

Realistic and more enterprising, the visitors won with a score of 2-0. After a first half where the two teams neutralized each other, the essential Barbra Banda was brought down by Errmichi, thus obtaining a penalty which she managed to transform shortly after the restart (50th minute). The striker doubled the lead around twenty minutes later by beating Ait El Haj and Benzina, bringing the score to 2-0 (69th minute).

The Moroccans will try to redress the balance during the second round of this friendly confrontation, which will take place on Tuesday at the Prince Héritier Moulay El Hassan Sports Complex in Rabat, still facing the formidable Zambian team.