Somalia: double car bomb attack in Dhusamareb against security forces

Somalia: double car bomb attack in Dhusamareb against security forces

Two car bomb attacks rocked the town of Dhusamareb in central Somalia, injuring several security forces. The al-Shabab terrorist group claimed responsibility for the attacks.

The town of Dhusamareb, located in central Somalia, was the scene of two car bombings on Thursday. These attacks targeted security forces and injured several among their ranks. A local official, Ibrahim Gedi, confirmed these events.

The first explosion occurred on the airport road, while the second, carried out by a car loaded with explosives, targeted a checkpoint. Fortunately, thanks to advance information, the security forces were able to thwart these attacks. The authorities have not yet determined the precise objective of the terrorists, but they managed to thwart their plans.

Ibrahim Gedi said several members of the security forces who had prevented the vehicle bombs from entering the city had been injured. Fortunately, their injuries were not life-threatening, and they were rushed to hospital for treatment.

Dhusamareb is the administrative capital of the central Galmudug state of Somalia. It is also the residence of Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. The president had left the capital Mogadishu to mobilize local troops and boost the morale of the armed forces in the state, which is on the frontline.

The al-Shabab terrorist group quickly claimed responsibility for both attacks, demonstrating its capacity to carry out deadly attacks in Somalia.

Somalia, plagued by insecurity for many years, faces persistent threats from terrorist groups such as al-Shabab and Daesh. These groups seek to destabilize the country and undermine stabilization efforts led by the Somali government and the African Union Transitional Mission in Somalia (ATMIS).

The Somali president, elected last year for a second term, declared a “total war” against al-Shabab, thus intensifying operations aimed at combating this terrorist threat.