DRC: The dubious “suicide” of a Belgian expert in Kinshasa

DRC: The dubious “suicide” of a Belgian expert in Kinshasa

A Belgian expert from the European Union electoral mission found lifeless at the Hilton hotel.

Suicide, as claimed in the version communicated this December 24 in the morning by the Congolese Press Agency? Doubt is allowed.

Indeed, as of yesterday, December 23, late in the afternoon, the information was circulating on certain diplomatic channels that a Belgian expert had been found lifeless in his room at the Hilton hotel in Kinshasa, located not far from the Ceni buildings.

The body was formally identified on December 23 by European diplomats, including Belgian representatives, in the presence of the Attorney General of the Republic of Congo.

No trace of violence was visible in the room, according to our sources. An investigation was opened by the Congolese police.

A few hours later, while the diplomatic community had decided…diplomatically not to reveal anything about this affair and had requested the greatest discretion, the Congolese Press Agency announced that the Belgian expert committed suicide in the night by throwing himself 12th floor of the hotel bar.

A version which further confuses this death. Why are we trying to change the… narrative? Who has an interest in creating this version and why?

DRC: An election without observers!

We will remember that the European Union mission to observe the general elections in the DRC was unable to deploy as it intended, the Congolese authorities having refused to allow this team to have the satellite telephones that it was supposed to be able to use. particularly in areas with difficulty covered by “normal” telephony.

Faced with this refusal from the Congolese authorities, who had been duly informed for months of the equipment that the experts intended to use, the mission refused to deploy throughout the country. This field observation mission was ultimately transformed into a mission of eight experts, all in Kinshasa.