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DRC: Gims arrives in Kinshasa with the wife of the richest man in France (photo)

The Franco-Congolese singer Gims was welcomed to Kinshasa accompanied by Hélène Mercier Arnault on Thursday October 26, 2023.

Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republic of Congo, is currently the center of attention with the presence of famous French personalities. Among them, Maître Gims, the rapper and singer of Congolese origin, and Hélène Mercier Arnault, the wife of Bernard Arnault, the chairman and CEO of the luxury group LVMH.

For the moment, the reasons for their visit have not been officially disclosed, but their noted presence coincides with the political visit of Jean-Luc Mélenchon and his stay in Kinshasa to promote his book.

According to Gims reported by bote, this trip could be an opportunity to return to his native country, whether for personal or professional reasons.

Since yesterday, the visit of Hélène Mercier Arnault has raised questions about possible economic projects of the luxury giant in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the leading diamond producer in Africa.