DRC: 15 soldiers killed in an attack by Mobondo militiamen

DRC: attacks by ADF rebels leave at least 24 dead

Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels have spread terror in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) this week, killing at least 24 civilians in two separate attacks. These barbaric acts, perpetrated by extremists with alleged links to the Islamic State group, have once again plunged the region into mourning and fear.

According to local authorities and reports from a civil society group, the ADF carried out an attack in Mambasa territory, Ituri province, killing 13 people on Tuesday. Civilians were violently attacked in their own homes.

In the territory of Beni, neighboring province of North Kivu, the ADF struck again, killing at least 11 people with machetes and firearms on Monday. Colonel Charles Ehuta Omeonga, administrator of the region, highlighted the brutality of the attack, specifying that the death toll could rise further while several people remain missing.

This wave of violence comes on top of years of incessant conflict in eastern DRC, where nearly 120 armed groups compete for power, natural resources and the security of local communities. Repeated ADF attacks, which have intensified in recent years, have extended their impact to the city of Goma and the province of Ituri, causing the deaths of hundreds of people and the kidnapping of many others, including children. .

Faced with this escalation of violence, residents of eastern DRC continue to live in daily fear of new attacks and tragic losses. Calls for international action to end this spiral of violence and guarantee the safety of civilians are increasing.

On Monday, France and the United States called on Rwanda to end its support for the M23 rebels who are most active in the region. Accusations that Kigali has always refuted, arguing that it provides no support in any way to rebel groups in the DRC.