DRC: A film in montage documents fraud during the December 20 election

DRC: A film in montage documents fraud during the December 20 election

This December 22 evening, the provisional figures announced by the Ceni have still not been released.

The wait, the rumors, the fatigue that is starting to make itself felt fuels the nervousness. “The CENI and those in power are trying to relieve the pressure, to appease everyone to show that they have control of the situation, that they can be calm but they are not fooling anyone,” explains Jeanot, a young human rights activist in Kinshasa.

But, despite the efforts of those in power, the tension is perceptible even in homes.

Images of fraud and people being abused have gone around the internet. “It’s impossible to deny them, except by hibernating or squatting in the bars of luxury hotels,” continues our human rights defender who insists on the need to “ document these cheatings.”

A work undertaken in particular by the NGO Congo Liberté. One of its representatives, Madame Jeanine Kahimba, put her voice on the images that the structure compiles. Another member of the NGO justifies its work: “All these videos which have circulated widely are ephemeral, they were all taken by mobiles. They must be stored well. We must also try to identify and certify all the images so as not to be misled by older images or those that do not come from the Congo. These false images can discredit the entire work. We also need to be able to translate into English and French what the witnesses say. It’s a work for history. For our history. Work also so that the international community, very timid until now, cannot say that it did not know. »

The stated objective is to transmit this video as quickly as possible to all diplomatic posts and make it available to the media. “New technical means give us new weapons to be able to fight against the abuses of power. It is now more difficult to cheat and steal the victory of the people.”