DRC: 05-day curfew in Kongo-central

Kongo-central provincial authorities announced a five-day curfew in response to protests in Kimpese denouncing rising insecurity. The protests have already caused human losses and tensions between the police and the demonstrators.

A climate of tension has set in in Kongo-Central province since January 29, when residents of the town of Kimpese began to express their discontent with the deterioration of security, particularly in hospitals and health centers. health. Four people, including three members of the Congolese National Police, lost their lives, and clashes led to arrests and serious injuries.

The protests were sparked by the looting of four hospital structures over the previous week, with patients and healthcare workers mistreated despite warnings being raised. The security services failed to intervene effectively.

Faced with the crisis, an emergency committee was established at the provincial level, nine injured people were evacuated to Kinshasa, and the arrested demonstrators were released. The governor of Kongo central, Papy Mambo Luamba, announced the opening of an investigation to shed light on the events.