CAN 2024 qualifier (F): DRC-Benin, Senegal-Mozambique, the program for the first round

CAN 2024 Qualifier (F): the Amazons on Congolese soil before the DRC-Benin clash

The Amazons of Benin are in the DRC, as part of the first round of the 2024 women’s CAN qualifiers against Congolese players. The match is scheduled for Friday in Kinshasa.

Leaving Cotonou in the morning of this Wednesday, as part of the first leg of the 1st round of the 2024 Women’s CAN qualifiers, the Beninese delegation (local and satff players) landed in Kinshasa early in the evening after a stopover in Lomé . On site the group was joined by internationals playing in France, namely Léa Fachinan, Noélie Abamon, Aude Gbedjissi and Milhad Sadikou.

The Symphorien Tehou fillies will carry out the traditional field reconnaissance session this Thursday, September 21 (match day) at the Stade des Martyrs at 3:30 p.m. Benin will face the Leopards Dames of DR Congo this Friday, September 22. Note that 25 players are selected for this expedition.

The Amazon group:

• Babysitters

– Diane OGOUN (Inter Abidjan/Ivory Coast)

– Sourakatou ALLASSANE (Aïnonvi/Benin)

– Rafiath Kinnou (Aïnonvi/Benin)

• Defenders

– Kadidjath OROU KARO (Elite AC/Benin)

– Rachidatou MOUMOUNI (Naja/Benin)

– Lamatou ASSOUMA (AS Gamia /Benin)

– Saoudatou IMOROU (Elite/Benin)

– Claudine TOSSOU (Aïnonvi/Benin)

– Martine HESSANON (Dynamic/Benin)

– Jocelyne TECHRI (AS Gamia/Benin)

– Abibath Zato (Elite/Benin)

– Laura ABIKOU (UMSA/Benin)

– Faridatou MAMA (Espoir / Benin)

• Millieux

– Marguerite AHOUASSOU (UMSA/Benin)

– Merveille ZINSOU (Naja/Benin)

– Lucienne ZOHOUNGBOGBO (Espoir/Benin)

– Leilatou AFFO

– Ruth HONHOUE (Dynamic/Benin)

– Valentine CLOTOE (Sam Nelly/Benin)

– Noélie ABAMON (Clermont/France)

• Attackers

– Kadidjatou IMOROU (Elite AC/Benin)

– Aude GBEDJISSI (Lens/France)

– Milhad SADIKOU (AAS Sarcelles/France)

– Yolande GNAMMI (CRAH/Morocco)

– Léa FACHINAN (Clermont /France)