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Cameroon: a young man presumed dead is resuscitated in a hospital

The history of the alleged “resurrection” of the young man who died on January 28, 2024 at the Bellavie hotel in Douala seemed to be one of those typical social media hoaxes. However, as the investigation continued, it became clear that Cameroonians were facing one of the most disturbing stories in recent times.

The funeral director, Louis Maries Mbella, reported to the press, according to Canal 2 International, that he had been informed by the security guard of the Cebec hospital morgue in Bonaberie Douala that a young man, brought a week earlier, had left the morgue and sat outside on a chair. “Around 3 a.m. (Monday), the security guard knocked on my door to tell me that someone had taken a chair to sit outside. I approached the young man and asked him: ‘Why did you take that chair outside? When we stopped you, you didn’t answer. He remained silent”declared Louis Maries Mbella.

After asking the question again without getting an answer, Louis Maries Mbella turned on the light on his phone and pointed at the young man, realizing that it was the same individual who died the previous Sunday. Faced with this situation, he checked the morgue and found that it was no longer where it had been prepared. While everyone else was inside, naked, he was outside, eyes closed, but with a smile on his face, added Louis Mbella.

According to a witness, Poupog Kevin, aged 18 and born in 2006, whispered the words “Anne, you promised me”. However, his mother, Catherine Kouete, originally from the Western region, refuses to believe this story, wondering how a corpse could move after a week spent in the morgue. At Poupog Kevin’s home, the mourning is not yet over, visitors are greeted by posters and leaflets remembering the deceased. “How can a corpse move and sit in a chair? It doesn’t seem possible to me. To me, that’s suspicious. We’ve never seen anything like this.”Catherine Kouete told journalists.

However, the funeral director claimed that strange events had already occurred with the corpses in their care. Sometimes they find that the body has changed position, arms raised, etc. But the situation where Poupog Kevin was seen sitting is a first at the morgue. Furthermore, the clothes worn by Poupog Kevin were cremated and his body sent to the morgue.