An opponent of Tshisekedi intimidated all the way to Belgium

An opponent of Tshisekedi intimidated all the way to Belgium

Sandra Mudimbi Mbala denounces injustice and corruption in Congo. Which bothers the family of the Congolese head of state.

Sandra Mudimbi Mbala is a Congolese opponent of the government of Félix Tshisekedi. Having left her native Congo in 2019 to seek treatment for her husband, the couple and their four children settled in Waterloo. Coming from a poor background, she has continued to fight for rights in the Democratic Republic of Congo and regularly denounces “injustice” present in his country: “We stayed here to be able to denounce, in relation to our history”. Through her foundation, she conveys messages to denounce the power in the DRC.

Through her demands, Sandra presents what is going wrong in Congo where “we let people suffer and make people believe that it’s paradise”. In addition to injustice, she also attacks corruption in her country: “I saw poor people become politicians and overnight become billionaires, what about the people then? Having grown up in poverty, Sandra explains that she does not understand: “Every time I had a little money, I wanted to share it with my people”. Hence the creation of the Sandra Foundation, which aims to fight against poverty by supporting women’s projects.

“With Tshisekedi in power, it’s the return of the Belgian Congo”

With nearly 46,000 followers on Facebook, and 120,000 on TikTok, Sandra Mudimbi Mbala’s positions are disturbing… and even very high.

Thus, on the night of Monday February 5 to Tuesday February 6, the front door of his house was targeted. The windows of the front door were vandalized by an explosive device left in front of the door by an individual. A scene filmed by the home’s surveillance camera. “That night I was in my room praying. I then heard something like an explosion. My husband and I thought it was the back door but when we checked the cameras we saw that the front door had been broken.” The neighbors were already outside and shouting fire. The police quickly arrived on the scene. This is not the first time that Sandra and her family have been victims of this type of intimidation. The car’s windshield had already been smashed and the tires slashed using a knife.

For Sandra, there is no doubt about the perpetrators: those close to the Tshisekedi family. Denouncing the situation on her social networks, Sandra received threats and insults from all sides: “Your end has come”, we wrote to him in Lingala. Among the threatening comments, she was able to identify certain people as close to the Tshisekedi family, she explains to us. Also, shortly before our visit, Sandra’s mother, who remained in the DRC, was apparently arrested for no apparent reason only to be released the next day following a video from Sandra on Facebook: “You can’t arrest someone because their daughter makes videos”.

7,498 m² for 20,000 euros per month: the luxurious Brussels residence of Félix Tshisekedi

As for the Tshisekedi family, the tone addressed by Sandra does not pass. In a letter from a bailiff that the person concerned sent to us, we can read that the wife of the Congolese head of state and his younger brother, Jacques Tshisekedi, coordinator of the president’s internal security, denounce the about “abusive, insulting, slanderous and denigrating” by Sandra. In this letter, certain passages from Sandra’s videos were transcribed: “Jacques Tshisekedi, criminal! Assassin!” or “A b***h who became first lady” etc.

For Sandra, complaints, vandalism, insults and other threats are a way of constraining her freedom of expression. “Why come to war with me? I don’t have a weapon, I’m not starting a rebellion, I only have my word to denounce. I don’t see why I should remain silent, that would be participating in the death of my people.”

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