Zambia: Rainford Kalaba "comes out of his artificial coma"

Zambia: news from Rainford Kalaba

The news is very good for Rainford Kalaba, who came out of his induced coma last week. Former TP Mazembe captain is already speaking correctly, Lusaka University Hospital has assured.

Encouraging news for Rainford Kalaba. The former TP Mazembe player was the victim of a car accident on April 13 on the road to Lusaka, the Zambian capital. Plunged into an induced coma since the accident, Kalaba is now showing signs of recovery.

According to the Lusaka University Teaching Hospital public relations officer, Kalaba's situation has improved in recent days, and his life is no longer in danger. “ We are happy to report that former Ravens captain Rainford Kalaba is fully conscious. He had his first meal today and he is already speaking properly. He therefore left the artificial coma. However, the medical team continues to provide careful monitoring and care ”, said the public relations manager.

The news comes as a relief to football fans in Zambia and beyond, who have been following Kalaba's health with concern since the accident. His gradual recovery is a positive sign and offers hope for his full recovery.