Tenor et Eunice Zunon

“You like food too much”, Tenor throws a dig at Eunice Zunon

Cameroonian rapper Ténor has not yet completely digested his breakup with Eunice Zunon. He has just launched a dig at the Ivorian web comedian again.

Since his breakup with the Ivorian columnist and web actress Eunice Zunon, the Cameroonian rapper, Thierry Mengoumou Ayia, better known under the professional pseudonym Ténor, still seems not to get over it. And for good reason, he never misses any opportunity to insult the young lady.

Recently in a comment to a publication by the president of Kpakpatos, he provoked him again. Indeed, Eunice Zunon wrote on her page: “ Since 202, I haven’t eaten yet. And you ? “. And in response to said publication, Ténor replied: “ It’s impossible, you love food too much “.

Having obviously not liked this comment from the Cameroonian rapper, Bébé Bouche Pointu quickly. “ It’s you who knows ? It’s 2024, you’re still looking for problems. What did I do to you? », replied Eunice Zunon to Tenor.