Yannick Noah, le chanteur et joueur de tennis

Yannick Noah in a relationship with a young woman: his hilarious response to an Internet user

For a while, Yannick Noah has been immersed in love with a 32-year-old woman in Cameroon. The images of her romance published on her Instagram account create controversy on the web.

Yannick Noah, the former French tennis player and famous singer is currently experiencing a new romance in the arms of a young woman aged 32 in Cameroon. A few days ago, he shared images of his new relationship on the famous American social network, Instagram. In these images, we could clearly see the complicity between the young lady, named Malika and Yannick Noah, the father of 05 children, from three (03) different relationships.

The age difference between the two lovebirds, which amounts to 31 years, is not questioned by many Internet users. However, a Cameroonian Internet user who did not appreciate this relationship did not go out of her way to attack Yannick Noah. “ He went around and around with white girls his age to end up with a black girl who could be his granddaughter, incredible “, she takes offense.

The Franco-Cameroonian singer, who has been living for some time in Ngaoundéré, his village of origin in Cameroon, responded dryly, but calmly to the young Internet user. “ Sorry, don’t cry. It’ll be OK. I wish you the best », replied Yannick Noah.