Les Guépards du Bénin posent pour une rencontre officielle

World Cup 2026 (Q): group ranking after the 4th day

The fourth day of qualifying for the 2026 World Cup in Africa ended on Tuesday, redrawing the group rankings.

Morocco continues its flawless run in Group E, with three victories in as many matches, placing it firmly in the lead. Egypt leads Group A with 10 points, followed by Guinea-Bissau. Ivory Coast remains at the top of Group F despite a draw in Kenya, ahead of Gabon by one point.

Tunisia, after a difficult start, leads Group H with 10 points but is threatened by Namibia. Cameroon, despite an internal crisis, leads group D with 8 points, but remains under pressure from Libya and Cape Verde, each with 7 points.

Algeria shares first place in Group G with Mozambique, both having 9 points. In group B, Sudan surprises by taking the lead with 10 points, ahead of Senegal by 2 points.

The Comoros dominate Group I thanks to a better goal average than Ghana, both having 9 points. Group C sees a tie between Rwanda, Benin, and South Africa, each with 7 points, while Nigeria struggles with just 3 points.

Group ranking after the 4th day: