Wilfried Nathan Douala: youngest CAN 2023 player suspended for age fraud

Wilfried Nathan Douala affair: the Cameroonian player cleared by FECAFOOT

Two weeks after being excluded from the Cameroonian first division football championship by FECAFOOT, Wilfried Nathan Douala is preparing to make his return to the field.

Involved, with 61 other players, in a case of false identity, this Victoria United player, who became famous thanks to CAN 2023, was exonerated and authorized to return to the game. After being at the center of criticism for several days due to of accusations of age fraud and identity theft, the young player who shone with the Cameroon national team during the last African Cup of Nations is now cleared.

Recently excluded from the MTN One Elite Play-offs by the Cameroonian Football Federation (FECAFOOT), this 17-year-old player managed to convince the body led by Samuel Eto'o of his innocence. Among the 62 players ordered to prove their identity, only 13 were ultimately authorized to return to competition.

In a press release released late this Monday evening, FECAFOOT indicated that it had examined the various evidence submitted by the clubs concerning the 62 players involved. The body led by Samuel Eto'o declared: “Following the publication of the lists of players eligible to participate in the 2024 MTN Elite Play-offs, players whose supporting documents were not deemed convincing, as well as those who did not follow the justification procedure, are temporarily suspended from the 2024 MTN Elite Play-offs, pending clarification of their situation by the competent authorities. »

Among the players ultimately allowed to return to competition, only two Victoria United players, out of the seven initially excluded, were reinstated. They are Nathan Douala (17 years old) and Nji Richmond. For teams like Baham's Fovu, all of their excluded players were rehabilitated, while some teams saw none of their players cleared.