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Tunisia: Kaïs Saïed cleans up his government

Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed dismissed the Minister of Transport, Rabie Majidi, and the Minister of Culture, Hayet Guettat, without giving official explanations.

In a press release issued by the Tunisian presidency, it was announced that President Kaïs Saïed had decided to terminate the functions of Rabie Majidi as Minister of Transport. Sarra Zaâfrani Zanzri was appointed interim Minister of Equipment and Housing, responsible for temporarily supervising the Ministry of Transport. Likewise, the Minister of Culture, Hayet Guettat, was relieved of her duties, and Moncef Boukthir, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, was designated to assume leadership of the Ministry of Culture on an interim basis.

This decision comes after a series of previous dismissals in the Tunisian government. Last January, President Saïed appointed new ministers and deputy ministers to replace those who had been dismissed the previous year. Similar changes were made in February and October last year, affecting several key ministerial portfolios.

These successive political reshuffles raise questions about the stability of the Tunisian government and the political direction of the country. Although President Saïed has not explicitly specified the reasons behind these dismissals, they come against a backdrop of persistent political tensions and growing popular discontent with the country's economic and social situation.