Kenya plans to withdraw all its troops from Somalia by the end of 2024

Kenya suspends sending its police mission to Haiti

Kenya, which had initially planned to contribute to the international police mission in Haiti, is now reassessing its commitment in light of recent developments on the ground. The country has in fact decided to suspend the sending of its police mission to Haiti, following the resignation of Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

Kenya suspends sending its police mission to Haiti. “There has been a radical change following the complete breakdown of law and order and the resignation of the Prime Minister of Haiti” Ariel Henry, said Korir Sing'oei, a senior ministry official.

He added that Nairobi, however, remained willing to “provide leadership” to the international mission, which was approved by the UN Security Council in October. “Without political administration in Haiti, there is no anchor point on which a police deployment can rest”he clarified.

Kenya agreed in July 2023 to lead an international force of 2,500 to 2,600 men, hoped for “during the first quarter of 2024”, according to the UN deputy special representative in Haiti. This force should help the government stabilize the country in the grip of a real security and political crisis. Benin had in particular announced around 2,000 men for this mission.