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“The match is already over”, between Fally Ipupa and Ferre Gola, the prophet Dénis Lessie chooses the goat

The prophet Denis Lessie analyzed artistic news in Congo, notably the competition between Fally Ipupa and Ferre Gola. And according to him, there is no longer any reason to make a comparison between the two.

“There is no more fight between Fally Ipupa and Ferre Gola, the match is already over”, he told Africa Elengi TV. According to him, Fally Ipupa is better with a considerable lead over his current rival.

The prophet Dénis Lessie quoted by Mbote insisted that the gap between the two singers would be so significant that the competition is already underway. For him, the Goat is Fally Ipupa and there is no debate.

Pastor Dénis Lessie of Noah’s Ark Church was a candidate in the legislative elections in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), supported by the residents of Lukunga.

He was running on the list of the Alliance for the Reform of the Republic. Dénis Lessie chose to follow in the footsteps of Evangelist Jean Oscar Kiziamina Kibila, even if the latter seemed to have lost his luster after his time in the lower house.