The DRC announces the creation of its national gas company

The DRC announces the creation of its national gas company

The Congolese government announced the creation of its National Gas Company. This initiative aims to transform gas for the local market, while considering regional exports.

This Thursday, the government of the Republic of Congo announced via a press release the creation of its National Gas Company. This decision, driven by the Minister of Hydrocarbons, Jean-Marc Thystère Tchicaya Itoua, underlines a clear priority: the use of gas produced in the territory to satisfy local energy needs.

“The gas will be processed mainly for the local market. Gas, LPG, LNG, this is the main target. If there is a surplus, we will export it. In terms of export, it will not be for Europe, but for the sub-region, where the needs are also very high”, declared Minister Itoua. This declaration reflects the Congolese government's commitment to the regionalization of energy resources, aiming to meet the growing needs of the sub-region.

This initiative is part of a context of accelerated development of the gas sector in Congo, illustrated by large-scale projects such as Eni's Banga Kayo and Eni's Congo LNG. Minister Itoua also insisted on the importance of collaboration between the public and private sector to boost these integrated gas projects and attract the necessary investments to increase production and stabilize the market.

Additionally, the minister announced an ambitious 60% increase in oil production within one to two years, supported by recent M&A activity, notably by Trident Energy, which acquired the Congolese assets of Chevron and TotalEnergies . “Perhaps 95% of investments in the oil sector in Congo come from COI,” said Minister Itoua. “Our responsibility (as a government) is to create the best business environment, legal network and facilities to attract investors and partners interested in building solutions with us”he said.