The Bachelor: after her elimination, Barbara breaks the silence

The Bachelor: after her elimination, Barbara breaks the silence

During the episode of Saturday October 21, 2023, the Gabonese candidate Barbara was eliminated from The Bachelor Afrique Francophone Season 2. A few hours later, she broke the silence to give her version of the facts.

Barbara Kim Kele, the Gabonese candidate for season 2 of the reality TV show The Bachelor Afrique Francophone, was fired during the episode broadcast on Saturday October 21, 2023. The reason for her elimination was the revelation of a lie claiming that she had been in a relationship for 2 years, and the Bachelor himself would have even visited her when she arrived in Abidjan for the show.

During a Facebook live interview with Stéphanelle on Sunday October 22, 2023, Barbara addressed the situation. According to her, the person in question, Yaya, was a former flirt. She said: “ I really wasn’t in a relationship. The person we are talking about and I were dating here in Rwanda. But we ended the relationship, and he returned to Abidjan where he works.

When I arrived in Ivory Coast, I stayed in a hotel with the other girls. That evening, Yaya and I wanted to go out. Since we didn’t know anyone in Abidjan, I called him to ask if he could show us around, and he agreed. So I told Yaya that we wouldn’t say anything to production and that we would come back quickly. We went out, had a few drinks, and he took us back when we got back,” Barbara explained.

Barbara very disappointed after her elimination

Barbara revealed that she was very disappointed because it was a very difficult experience for her. “ This is the experience of my life. I experienced it quite badly when I left the villa. Even yesterday when I watched this on TV, it hurt me a lot “, she said.

And finally, she suggested that she did not like the attitude of Ndeye Yaya who revealed the little secret. “The evening before last, we were in contact. We got along very well. But I blocked her on all my networks because I saw her true face,” Barbara confided.