WEBA le Déjanté arreté à Bruxelle

Belgium: arrest of comedian Weba le Déjanté at the airport

Weba le Déjanté, an artist, comedian and actor, was apprehended at the Belgian airport. This news was confirmed by Blanche, his wife, this Wednesday morning.

The artist Weba is no longer free of his movements. the actor was arrested at the Belgian airport this Wednesday, October 18, 2023. According to statements by Blanche, the artist’s wife, Weba encountered a problem with his passport, which led to his arrest by the Belgian authorities .

For the moment, the precise reason behind this arrest remains unknown, thus causing concern among many Internet users who are asking for explanations. Weba’s fans and admirers are eagerly awaiting further information on this ongoing case, hoping that the artist can be released soon and the situation will be resolved quickly.

Weba Weba le déjanté is a professional filmmaker artist from Douala, Cameroon. Despite his young age, he was able to develop his skills as an autodidact and find a place in the art world.

Since his childhood, he had a dream that never left him, that of devoting himself to art. Instead of playing marbles like other children his age, he preferred to realize his passion by learning on the boards. His atypical path ultimately led him to a promising musical and cinematic career.