The Bachelor 2023: Samira breaks the silence after her defeat

The Bachelor 2023: Samira breaks the silence after her defeat

After her defeat against her friend Zainab, in the race to win the Bachelor’s heart, Samira finally breaks the silence. She made this known through a publication on her Facebook page.

The reality TV show “The Bachelor 2023” had its epilogue on Saturday December 9, 2023. And during this finale, Clive Ketu Mbaku chose Zainab.

A few hours after this final, Samira, also known under the pseudonym “ I am the best » came out of her silence. “ I am torn between several emotions, I am delighted to see myself authentic on TV. During this adventure I experienced incredible moments making the most of it alongside great people, I was me hoping that it would come to fruition but Anyway. Everyone who wanted me to receive the final rose tonight we didn’t lose. God was preparing us for something much greater and certainly for a more intense and real love story “, she wrote.

She went on to reveal that there was no love between her and the Bachelor. “ At the end of this experience Clive and I were unanimous that we should take different paths but I remain grateful that he kept me all these times “, said Samira.

Samira congratulates Zainab

To conclude, Samira expressed her joy for Clive’s choice of Zainab and took the opportunity to congratulate the latter. “ But above all that he chose my baby girl Zainab. It’s a relief that you’re the one who wins this competition even if I can’t find love, you found it, I’m proud of you. You are an incredible person who wears her heart on her sleeve, and in the end you are my true love in this competition. Go ahead baby I wish you the best“.