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DRC: CSAC orders the cessation of broadcasting of the show “The Bachelor”

The Higher Audiovisual and Communication Council (CSAC) orders the shutdown of the show “The Bachelor” in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The president of the Superior Council of Audiovisual and Communication (CSAC), Christian Bosembe, announced his decision to order the cessation of the broadcast of the reality TV show “The Bachelor” in the Democratic Republic of Congo . This statement was made during a scientific morning organized by the Communication department of the National Pedagogical University (UPN).

Christian Bosembe strongly condemned this program, calling it “shameful, vile, stupefying and perverse”. According to him, it goes against the moral values ​​and traditions of the country. He emphasized that “The Bachelor” conveys negative messages about women and romantic relationships, encouraging superficiality, competition and even violence.

The decision of the CSAC to end the broadcast of “The Bachelor” was welcomed by numerous associations defending the rights of women and children in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Marie-Ange Ntumba, president of the Association for the Promotion of Women and Children (APFE), said the decision was a victory for Congolese women and children. She thus underlines that society cannot accept that our children are exposed to such negative messages.

According to information, the Canal+ Pop channel could challenge this decision in court. Broadcast on the Canal+ Pop channel, “The Bachelor” features a single man having to choose from a group of women who will become his future wife. This reality TV show is controversial in many countries and regularly sparks debates about its impact on our society.