DRC: at odds with his father Koffi Olomide, Didistone makes a big announcement

“That’s why my mother left this…”, Didistone tackles Koffi Olomidé and Cindy

Invited by an Internet user to let her father experience his perfect love with Cyndi Le Cœur, Didistone stepped up to defend her mother. In her message on Instagram, Koffi Olomidé’s daughter holds her father’s artistic director responsible for her parents’ divorce.

For several days, a real media war has been raging on social networks between two well-known personalities: Cindy Le Cœur and Didistone, the daughter of Koffi Olimide. These two protagonists continue to send each other inflammatory messages through their respective Instagram accounts, arousing the curiosity of Internet users.

It all started when Didistone, the daughter of the famous Congolese singer Koffi Olomidé, was targeted by Cindy in numerous publications. An Internet user named Grace Loulou 66, visibly exasperated by this situation, expressed her incomprehension as to the fact that Didistone was attacking her own father and his so-called girlfriend.

Didistone, for her part, responded to the young Internet user by first asking her to show a minimum of consideration towards her mother. ‘The day you understand that the only thing I ask for is respect for my mother who never said anything and never did anything, we will move forward,’ she suggests before adding: ”No one forbids them from being together, that’s why my mother left that shithole… She’s no longer there and doesn’t care about their whole circus”she clarified.

For Didistone, the romance between her father and Cindy Le Cœur began when the latter was still married to his mother, which partly explains his resentment. “You want respect so give it. Let them just stop the useless and gratuitous provocations. Let them live their lives in their corner and let us live ours too and there will be no problems. Unfortunately for them, I didn’t have my mother’s great patience. I took almost everything from my father. You shoot, I eat you. END”she added.

This media war between Didistone and Cindy Le Cœur opened a veritable Pandora’s box and raised many questions as to the truth behind this alleged affair. Internet users, eager for answers, impatiently await the reactions of the main stakeholders.