"Telling a 2-year-old baby that mom is never coming back is a heartbreaking experience."

“Telling a 2-year-old baby that mom is never coming back is a heartbreaking experience.”

The famous Congolese man of God, Pastor Marcello Tunasi, is now going through the ordeal of widowhood. Finding himself alone, he must now assume sole responsibility for his four children. However, announcing the death of their mother to the youngest, aged two, is particularly difficult.

Pastor Marcello Tunasi is slowly recovering from the sudden death of his wife, Blanche Tunasi, from a cardiac arrest in Turkey. After this tragedy, the man of faith joins the circle of people who now assume sole responsibility for their children. He thus takes on the roles of father and mother simultaneously, a responsibility that falls to the most famous servant of God in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Currently, Pastor Marcello Tunasi is very fond of his 4 children, two boys and two girls. However, the situation is different when we consider his youngest child, who is only two years old. The servant of God finds himself asking himself countless questions on how he will be able to break the sad news to his two-year-old little one.

The religious leader expressed his pain over the upcoming ordeal and expressed his gratitude to all widows and widowers through a post on his Facebook page on Friday, July 5. “In mommy-daddy mode. Respect to all mothers, widowers, widows, orphans and all those who raise their children alone. There are things that we understand better when it happens to us. Telling a little two-year-old baby that mommy is never coming back is a heartbreaking experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.”he wrote in the caption of a photo of himself and his two-year-old son.