Pierre et Dadju sur Star Academy pour une surprise @ Capture TF1

Star Academy: Dadju called to order by production (video)

On Saturday February 3, before discovering that he had won the 11th edition of the “Star Academy”, Pierre Garnier received a nice gift from Dadju, who came to perform alongside him on the TF1 set. However, this initiative was not appreciated by the production…

On Saturday February 3, during the Star Academy 2023 final, Pierre Garnier was crowned winner of the 11th edition of the musical competition, beating Julien Lieb. Before the results were announced, Dadju appeared on the TF1 set alongside Pierre to offer him a special gift.

The 32-year-old singer-songwriter said: “I know you spent a week rehearsing ‘Complicated,’ but sometimes I lie. Today, I don’t want us to sing Dadju. I want us to sing about Pierre! “. This surprise initiative, however, was not well received by the production of the show.

During an interview on Fun Radio to promote his album Héritage in collaboration with Tayc, Dadju revealed that his last-minute intervention, although successful, had not been to everyone’s taste, including the production.

He explained that he was called to order after his appearance on stage, despite having submitted his proposal to the team beforehand and having been refused formal authorization to do so with Pierre.

Nevertheless, he decided to stick with his idea, saying: “I decided to do it anyway. It’s a moment that I wanted to enjoy”. We can say that the winner of the Star Academy 2023 is grateful to him, because the song they performed together, “Those we were”, was a great success: on Spotify, it was listened to several million times. times in just a few days.