Case Tenor hits a child and flees: the Cameroonian rapper reacts

Cameroonian rapper Tenor has finally dispelled the shadows that hung over the new case where his name was involved.

Once again embroiled in an accident scandal, Tenor was accused of hitting a child before fleeing. While this affair continues to unleash passions in public opinion, the rapper broke the silence by presenting his version of the facts.

Tenor’s statement helped clarify the situation and sparked a lively public debate.

The Cameroonian rapper strongly contests the recent accusations against him.


In the evening of February 10 to 11, 2024, I was invited to perform at a concert organized in the Biyem-Assi district, more precisely at the Town Hall of Yaoundé 6, on the occasion of the match between South Africa and the DRC for third place in the TotalEnergies AFCON 2023.

At the end of my performance, aboard a rental vehicle (with driver), the crowd, including some young people, clung to the car and the driver had to force himself to make his way through the middle of this crowd.

And it was at this moment that the event which was at the origin of this development happened. So we (my team and I) continued on our way, not knowing that an incident had occurred after us, until we learned about it the next day (February 11, 2024) via social media, with a description of the events completely diverted from the reality of the facts.

No longer in the city when I learned this sad news, I wanted to make contact (through my team) with the injured young man and his mother for complete support of his care. . And I can guarantee that he is doing better today and continuing his recovery.

I therefore ask show organizers and music lovers of all kinds to take more security measures so that our concerts remain moments of celebration, in order to avoid us all from unfortunate situations in the future.

NB: Knowing that all the information in this press release is verified and verifiable, I urge our journalists and other whistleblowers to verify their information before launching individuals into popular vengeance.

Never hesitate to contact us in case of suggestions and comments and we will always be quick to react in favor of THE PROUD AND STRONG TENORIFIES. Because it is with YOU that miracles happen every day. Let’s be careful, let’s be disciplined. I love you. Yaoundé, February 13, 2024 – TENOR