DRC: 15 soldiers killed in an attack by Mobondo militiamen

South Africa sends 2,900 soldiers to the DRC

President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced the deployment of 2,900 South African troops to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) as part of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) mission. This reinforcement aims to stabilize the east of the DRC, torn by rebel activities, and to compensate for the withdrawal of United Nations peacekeeping forces.

A South African military contingent is expected in the DRC. In total, 2,900 South African soldiers will set foot on Congolese soil as part of a sub-regional mission which aims to help local armed forces gain the upper hand over terrorist groups in order to stabilize the DRC which is facing attacks. incessant terrorist attacks, particularly in mineral-rich areas.

With an estimated cost of more than $106 million, the deployment of South African soldiers aims to strengthen stability and security in this troubled region.

This reinforcement is part of a broader regional effort by SADC to stabilize the DRC. Indeed, the obligation to provide troops to the DRC is shared by all SADC member states.

The deployment also comes at a critical time, as United Nations peacekeeping forces gradually withdraw from the region. This decision leaves a security vacuum that SADC is trying to fill with its own troops. Additionally, an East African force left the region following tensions with DRC President Félix Tshisekedi.

Although funding details for this deployment have not been disclosed, it is important to note that other countries, including Tanzania and Malawi, will also contribute soldiers to the new force called the Community Mission. Development Agency for Southern Africa in the DRC (SAMIDRC).