South Africa: resignation of Sports Minister Zizi Kodwa

South Africa: resignation of Sports Minister Zizi Kodwa

South Africa's Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture, Zizi Kodwa, announced his resignation on Wednesday, after being formally charged with corruption during his appearance in a Johannesburg court.

Hours after appearing in court over corruption allegations, Sports, Arts and Culture Minister Zizi Kodwa resigned on Wednesday. The decision was announced in a ministry statement, confirming that Mr Kodwa had informed President Cyril Ramaphosa of his immediate resignation.

“SFollowing his formal indictment, Mr. Kodwa informed the President of his resignation from his duties as Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture as well as a member of the cabinet,” the ministry said.

Mr Kodwa was formally charged with accepting bribes in contracts relating to the upgrade and maintenance of the Johannesburg Metro's software systems. When he appeared in court in Johannesburg, he was accused of accepting bribes worth 1.6 million rand (about $85,000). His co-accused, Jehan Mackay, was also present.

Mr. Kodwa's lawyer said his client strongly denies the accusations, saying he never accepted bribes. The defense is currently preparing a strategy to challenge these allegations.

Mr Kodwa's resignation comes amid an intensifying fight against corruption in South Africa, where President Ramaphosa has promised to strengthen transparency and integrity in government. This affair risks casting a shadow over the government's efforts to restore public confidence.