"We suffer the violence of adversity but ...", Samuel Eto'o comes out of his reserve

“Sorry Dad, get up, and save me, they want to kill me”, Samuel Eto’o in tears

On Sunday April 14, 2024, during his father's funeral, Samuel Eto'o delivered a moving speech in which he invoked his late father to protect him from his enemies, whom he believes want him dead.

During the funeral of his late father, Samuel Eto'o poignantly expressed his emotion and gratitude to all those who supported him in these difficult times. “When I was in the morgue, I didn't know that I was going to get here with you, Dad David Eto'o. I didn't have that strength, so everyone who helped us, who helped me so that I could bring you back here, I say thank you very much.”he declared, almost in tears.

The famous footballer and current president of the Cameroonian football federation also wanted to thank those who made the repatriation of his father's body possible. “I put my knees on the ground and thank you for allowing my father's body to be brought here because without you, I couldn't get through this. God bless you. My great Thibaut, I say thank you very much, thank you very much Kadji, thank you really, God bless you. Without you, I don't know what else they would say about me…”, he admitted.

Speaking directly to his father, Samuel Eto'o made a moving statement reported by Abidjan Show. “ Dad, get up, get up and save me because it's your heart that I have. I only have a heart of love. I only love people, it's because I love people like you that people want to kill me. So should I change my heart? Sorry dad, get up and help me…”he said.

Samuel Eto'o's words brought tears to many people present, including his wife Georgette and his brother David.