Singer Mani Bella has a spectacular fall during a concert

Singer Mani Bella has a spectacular fall during a concert

The Cameroonian singer fell in the middle of a show during New Year’s Eve in Bertoua in Eastern Cameroon.

Cameroonian singer Mani Bella had a difficult time during New Year’s Eve in Bertoua, eastern Cameroon. As she performed her famous song “Pala-Pala” and his controversial song “Dagobert”an unexpected incident has occurred.

Indeed, as the video indicates, by wanting to perform a dance representative of the song “Dagobert”a heel of his shoe got stuck in a plank of the stage, causing him to fall before the surprised eyes of his dancers and the audience.

Despite this unexpected event, Mani Bella quickly got up and continued her performance with determination, ignoring any possible mockery from the spectators. Fortunately, no serious damage was reported, giving way to general relief.

The reaction of the singer’s friend, Lady Ponce, was quick. She shared the video of the incident on her social media accounts, calling for understanding and restraint regarding possible mockery. In a message, she played down the situation while highlighting the negative rumors surrounding the song “Dagobert”affirming his determination not to be discouraged.

This spectacular drop sparked a wave of reactions and speculation, particularly due to calls to censor the song “Dagobert” for its supposed negative impact on young people.

Despite this incident, Mani Bella remains resolute and even plans to opt for sports shoes during her next shows. His strength of mind and his ability to overcome this ordeal testify to his unwavering determination.