Samuel Eto

Samuel Eto'o: a man of God makes a prophecy on the life of the President of Fécafoot

After his father's funeral last weekend, Samuel Eto'o received a prophecy from the Congolese prophet, Marcelo Tunasi.

The Cameroonian international and current president of the Cameroonian Football Federation (Fécafoot), Samuel Eto'o is going through painful times currently. After organizing his late father's funeral last weekend, he receives more news.

An important prophecy has just been revealed internationally by the Congolese prophet Marcelo Tunasi. According to this one, Samuel Eto'o will manage to overcome the problems he is currently going through.

The angel Gabriel appeared to me in my dreams he sent me a message for Samuel Eto'o, I saw men thirsty for revenge against him but they will not succeed because he is covered by the blood of Jesus! Eto'o is one prophet among many others; you must have the eyes of the holy spirit to see it. Only God will decide his fate and not men! He will shine even more than he did as a footballer “, he specifies.