Sad news for Charlotte Dipanda: humiliating defeat for her husband, Fernand Lopez

Sad news for Charlotte Dipanda: humiliating defeat for her husband, Fernand Lopez

This Saturday, September 30, 2023 will remain engraved in the memories of kickboxing fans, but also in that of Fernand Lopez, the famous manager and husband of the Cameroonian music star, Charlotte Dipanda. His foal, Jordan Zebo, suffered a crushing defeat during an epic fight against Cédric Doumbé, Lopez’s former protégé.

The explosive fight between Jordan Zébo and Cédric Doumbé shook the world of kickboxing last Saturday and resulted in a defeat for the husband of Charlotte Dipanda. Their clash took place during the long-awaited event, PFL Paris. And as he had arrogantly announced in the days leading up to the fight, Doumbé sent his opponent to the canvas in less than ten seconds, precisely nine seconds to be exact.

But, this defeat is not only humiliating for Jordan Zebo, it also recalls the numerous arguments between Cédric Doumbé and Fernand Lopez. In fact, the two men no longer like each other since their professional separation. Lopez even publicly accused Doumbé of having had a relationship with his wife, which was allegedly the cause of their breakup.

Despite the former Glory Kickboxing champion’s categorical denials, the tension between them is undeniable and has added a personal dimension to their in-ring rivalry.

This meeting between Jordan Zebo and Cédric Doumbé will go down in the annals of kickboxing for its speed and explosive impact. An event that is sure to fuel discussions in the combat sport world and capture the attention of fans. And already, fans are impatient to know the rest of the adventures of these emblematic figures.