Des militaires rwandais déployés au Mozambique

Rwanda: Kigali claims to have killed a Congolese soldier

This Tuesday, the Rwandan army announced that it had killed a Congolese soldier and apprehended two others, whom it accused of having violated the border between Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, a country with tense relations.

Rwandan authorities say the three individuals entered Rwanda around 1:10 a.m. from the Goma region, the main city in eastern DRC. According to the military statement, one of the Congolese soldiers was shot dead when he opened fire on the Rwandan patrols, and no injuries were reported on the Rwandan side. In addition, Kigali specified that the FARDC members had in their possession an AK-47 rifle, four 105-round magazines, a protective vest and sachets of cannabis.

The region is the scene of armed conflicts involving the Congolese army, local militias and foreign private military companies on one side, and the M23 rebels supported by the Rwandan army on the other. The rebellion, after taking up arms again at the end of 2021 and defeating the Congolese army, has extended its control over key territories in southern North Kivu, notably Rutshuru and Masisi, thus heightening tensions between the two nations.