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Rwanda: a Congolese player heavily sanctioned for denouncing the genocide in eastern DRC

Congolese midfielder, Héritier Luvumbu, was suspended for 6 months by his Rwandan club Rayon Sports for denouncing the massacres in the east of the DRC, perpetrated by the M23 rebels.

Like the Leopards at CAN 2023 in Ivory Coast, Héritier Luvumbu also denounced in his own way the genocide which is blithely taking place in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Author of a superb goal from a free kick against FC Police on Sunday, the Rayon Sports player celebrated his achievement by putting his hand on his mouth and a finger on his temple, as his compatriots did during the half -final of the 34th edition of the African Cup of Nations against the Elephants.

A gesture to castigate the guilty silence of the international community on the massacres of civilians carried out by the M23 rebels in the province of North Kivu. Attackers supported by the Rwandan army, according to the Congolese government. Except that Rayon Sports did not at all appreciate this celebration of its resident and let him know in a press release after the meeting.

“Rayon Sport is dismayed by the bad behavior displayed by its player Héritier Luvumbu Nzinga during the championship match between Rayon Sport and Police FC on February 11, 2024 at the Kigali Pelé stadium. We take this opportunity to remind our players of discipline on and off the field”said the Rwandan club.

And this Tuesday, Radio Rwanda announced that the Congolese was suspended for six months from all sporting activities in the country. The media specifies that the player was sanctioned for political violation of the constitution and the code of conduct of the game. On social networks, Héritier Luvumbu’s gesture was variously appreciated. Some praised the midfielder for his courage. Others, on the other hand, Rwandan Internet users, go so far as to demand the dismissal and expulsion of the Congolese player from the country.