Russia-Africa Summit: Putin offers presidential helicopter to Zimbabwe

Russia-Africa Summit: Putin offers presidential helicopter to Zimbabwe

Vladimir Putin has offered a helicopter to the president of Zimbabwe, the country’s government announced Thursday, as the Russian leader seeks support from African leaders gathered in St. Petersburg.

The Russian President made an offer to his Zimbabwean counterpart, namely a helicopter, according to the Zimbabwean Ministry of Communications. “His Excellency President Putin gave His Excellency President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa a presidential helicopter”announced the ministry on Twitter.

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The Zimbabwean Ministry released photos of Mnangagwa walking down the steps of the plane and sitting in the cabin in front of a table set with glasses of white wine and a bowl of fruit. “This bird will soon be in our skies”added government spokesperson Nick Mangwana on Twitter, renamed X.

Zimbabwe’s leaders are targeted by US and European sanctions for corruption and human rights violations. Mnangagwa, 80, who is seeking re-election in a vote that analysts say is likely to be close next month, has long blamed his country’s economic woes on the sanctions. “Victims of sanctions must cooperate”Mnangagwa said, standing in front of the helicopter, in a video released by his Ministry of Information.